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Grain Bins


Construction, Repair & Modernization



Upgrade to new grain bins built by the experts at Heartland E & E Inc. You meet with our owner to discuss all aspects of your project, from driving the center stake for your bin location to prepping the site to pouring the concrete foundation for construction to begin.


Keep your grain and agricultural equipment working right with Heartland E & E Inc and our professional repair services. We offer same-day emergency services 24/7 to keep your operation moving smoothly. Call us today for an estimate to repair.


Modernize your old grain bin systems with Heartland E & E Inc. We have over 40 years of experience helping agricultural facilities throughout central Illinois. Your satisfaction is always guaranteed with our services. Call us today for an estimate to modernization.

Grain Bin Construction:

  • Build your grain roof
  • Raise the bin
  • Add a ring, and repeat until we reach the proper height for your new grain bin
  • Then anchor it down
  • Install your new unload system and grain bin floor

Grain Bin Repair:

  • Storm damage
  • Wall sheet buckling
  • Roof replacements
  • Roof collapses
  • Bin floor replacement
  • Bin floor repair
  • Unload repair or replacement
  • Aeration fan repair or replacement
  • Stirator repair and replacement
  • Shivvers Grain Drain System repairs
  • Tower/portable dryer repair
  • Range and electric dryer repair
  • Electrical stirator repair
  • Electrical repairs

Grain Bin Modernization:

  • Replacing unload system
  • Upgrade bin floor system
  • Raise bins to increase capacity
  • Add staircases to existing bins for added safety
  • Replace roof augers and cross augers with larger sized augers for increased capacities
  • Bin modernizations
  • Fan and transition upgrades
  • Grain handling equipment upgrades


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