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Established 1996

Heartland E & E Inc has provided agricultural services to the Decatur, IL area since 1996. 24/7 Emergency Services available for all your grain needs, specializing in: Grain Bin Construction, Grain Bin Repair, Grain Drying Systems, Grain Bin Modernization, Drain Spouts Bucket, Handling Equipment Grain, Agricultural Mill Right Services, Cushion Box, Square Drain Spouts, Trust Kits Rack & more.


How long does is take to build a grain bin?

That depends on the size of the bin and the location that it is being built on. Most bins for farm grain storage in IL can be built within 1-3 weeks.

How long are lead times on materials?

At this current moment, it takes 3-5 months to get all of the materials needed for a grain bin construction, but we see that it will reduce to 1-2 months in the near future.

We are your reliable and professional grain bin dealers in Central IL. Call us today for your grain handling needs!

How far do you travel to repair a grain bin system?

We cover minor to major grain bin repair in Central IL. We specialize in small and quick repairs while getting to you in a timely manner.

What is the difference between a working bin and a storage bin?

A working bin is loaded and unloaded more than two times a year, and most have a thicker concrete foundation to help prevent foundation damage. Generally, working bins have a 30% thicker foundation than storage bins.

Call Heartland E & E Inc for all grain storage solutions in Central IL!

What is the drying capacity of an in bin drying system?

Our grain dryers in Central IL can hold 300-1700 bushels per hour.


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